retrytukhgjfhtwWhen it comes to choosing the right flooring for your home, one has many options to choose from depending on the various factors that they consider. Some of them include the style and design, personal preference, budget and the type of room. Before settling for any type of flooring, one should know the pros and cons of the flooring materials. The various flooring materials are as discussed below.


Hardwood is a very durable flooring material. In addition to that, it is warm, has a natural feel and is the most preferred flooring choice. Among the most common hardwood choices is oak wood though other types like cherry and other imported woods are also considered. The major setback of using wood is that it is not suitable for all rooms especially the wet rooms. One may be required to use wood treated against rotting which may be expensive.


It is among the flooring types that are easy to install. It is also less expensive to install than the other flooring types. This type of flooring is made from combining wood-based materials which are then laminated together and topping up is done with wood grain imprints on each face of the board. A unique type of the laminate flooring is the engineered wooden floor which makes it different but makes it look like laminate.



This is a good alternative of those who are considering going green. Its cellular structure is like honey-comb which makes it have a cushion-like feel under the feet. This characteristic is what makes it able to absorb sound and vibrations. They also bounce back when dented making them a good option. It is made into tiles which are normally used in wet areas like the bathroom and kitchen.

Bamboo flooring

Bamboo flooring is durable since the bamboo plant has steel-like tensile strength. It can resist swelling and contracting when exposed to humid conditions. This type of floor is engineered with groove joints. It is grown in forests whose conditions are controlled and need five years to mature. This makes them a good option when one is conscious of the time taken t grow the natural trees which people need for flooring in form of wood.w3e4rtryfgdfsda


This is also another option for those who are going green. It is an eco-friendly type of flooring material since it is made from all natural materials. It is made from rosins, linseed oil, and wood flour. It is also eco-friendly in terms of it not causing any serious health problems during its formation, installing and even disposing of after use. It has antibacterial properties making it a suitable choice for areas which are prone to bacterial multiplication. It also reduces potentials for having an electric shock.


Porcelain is mostly used to make tiles though other materials may also be used. Porcelain is cost effective and easy to maintain it. When glazed, porcelain becomes suitable for areas which have high traffic. It is also available in different colors and designs.


This is also a common flooring type. Besides being durable, it can be made into different designs and types among them including stamped concrete which is a beautiful form of concrete. It requires low maintenance and is less costly to maintain.